I also just started the CG method about 2 weeks ago. I had already been using a sulfate free shampoo, Earthsafe, for a year or so, but hadn't used conditioner or styling products for years. I was addicted to my straightener. Now I'm using the Tresseme Naturals conditioner for co-washing and leave in and I make flax seed gel for styling. The first week was amazing! I'd get 3 days of bouncy curls with only light water spraying and additional gel in the mornings on day 2 and 3, but now my hair is limp and frizzes at the crown. My hair is still curly, but the curls have become long, narrow and limp and some strands have curl at the top and straight at the bottom. I don't think we should give up, but I hope someone out there has some advice!

My hair is 2c waves, normal-high porosity, medium density, and course!