I'm lead to believe that low porosity hair doesn't like protein too much. Though if your hair is damaged, it can help quite a bit...

I stick to all drugstore products. I really like Aussie Instant Freeze Gel, but it tends to get crunchy, so SOTC is a must. I like Renpure shampoo (the green and red bottles), I feel like it cleanses my hair without stripping it of moisture. But there are a lot of people that don't like it. I use either VO5 or Suave naturals conditioners for co-washing.

And as tempting as the curling iron is (I know, I "fix" a few waves with it every once in a while). It's really only damaging your hair and hindering your progress!

Hope this helps! And have fun trying out new products.
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As others have said, hair properties are much more important then curl type for choosing ingredients/products. Curl type is transient. Before I came on nc.com and learned how to use product/technique, I was a winter wavy/summer 3a. Now my hair looks like my signature picture every day, all year around.

The only place that I've read about low porosity not liking protein is on the nc.com hair property page, which is why I don't use that link when suggesting people determine their properties. My fine/low porosity hair never met a protein it didn't like. I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein. For me, it reduces frizz and tightens curl.
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