Ummmm, what the hell just happened? Jeff said tonight's tribal council might have been the biggest missed opportunity in Survival history. Missed opportunity? For who?

I'm glad smug Jeff was sent packing. I didn't like that guy. But his exit interview was hilarious!
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I think he was getting at you have two people who just admitted to having and showed their immunity idols and you didn't get rid of either. Up till last week, I kind of liked Jeff. Then when he put more emphasis on getting rid of Penner because he had been on Survivor before over making the "right" or "best" move he lost me.

I am almost hoping that Penner wins. Wouldn't that be an upset.

Lisa had the best strategy last night to get rid of Malcolm. He is too likable. Pete blew that opportunity big time. I do like Malcolm better than Pete, but that said, it was a good time to blind side him.