What an episode!
WTH is wrong with Abi that she just flat out SHOWED THE IDOL?? dumb, dumb, dumb.

Poor Lisa, she had a good plan but trusted the wrong people with it! WHY WOULD SHE GO TO PETE OF ALL PEOPLE??? I'm truly surprised they didn't start tossing her name around!

And, yes, I was confused by Probst's "biggest missed opportunity" thing - but I assumed it meant they had a great play to get rid of people and didn't

The exit interview - WHAT A SMUG JERK! "I have all this money but I really want THIS money"

I spent much of the episode saying LISA!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! but I was happy to see that she is thinking ahead to final 3 and trying to get there - she isn't just going along to get along, she's actually thinking it out (but then - honey, don't go running around camp telling people about the other idol - but also, I think she probably doesn't have a lot of "weight" in the talks so knowing that choice morsel was probably the only leverage she had to be listened to)

I think next week has to be interesting, everyone gunning for everyone and trusting no one. Am really worried about Lisa, though - last week she said at tribal "once you flip, no one ever trusts you again" but then sat there this week talking about how she'd go this way or that way, etc.

Really, though - Pete and Abi need to stop occupying space on my screen (unless they're going to do something stupid like say "oh yeah, I have an idol" in which case I'm glad for the laugh)

I think Denise is a formidable player - I truly hope to see her in the final 3. She's got brains, physical strength, and seems to be able to do the social part (no one is saying "I can't stand Denise").
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