Hi. I posted this question on another site, but figured I'd post here too for a response.

I have had permed hair longer than I can remember, I'll say since about age 5. Every female in my family had permed hair until recently (now a lot have locs) but that's all just to say that I am incredibly unfamiliar with natural black hair and what it's like.

I have what I think is either 3c and/or 4a hair (also a small wavy section). I have small ringlets, dry and wet. Now, I detangle mostly with my fingers with conditioner in my hair. Here is where my question comes in:

Every now and then I will come across sections of hair that are wrapped around each other. I used to think that it was just a thicker curl, until I started to pull one apart one day and it separated into thinner segments. Are these sections the beginnings of knots, or is it just the nature of curls and how it's supposed to be? I make sure to undo them every time I come across them now, but they don't seem like they do any damage the time that they're in there, my hair isn't hard to detangle. (I have about 2 inches of natural hair, detangle once a week or so when I wash my hair.)

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