I'm going to have to watch it again because it was just a mess. I don't understand why Lisa told Pete because she should know how he is by now. Maybe she has something else in mind and is keeping it close to the belt? Not sure.

So Pete thinks he's a mastermind eh? Not so much. I think hooking up with Abi is the only actual smart thing he's done because she is hated.

Loved how Malcom(?) talked about the good/evil alliances, that was great.

Jeff just seemed to me the typical cocky ball player. No surprise there.

Even though I don't normally want a returnee to win, the guys didn't actually get the chance to try to win before so GO PENNER! Altough I'd like to see a Lisa/Penner/Denise finale it probably won't happen.

I agree it was a missed opportunity (two idols showing) but it's not like they can have conferences about it. They'd be going in blind anyway, unless you have a whole tribe of risk takers it's not going to happen.

Next week will probably be ugly and I think we'll see a bunch of changes not just Lisa.
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I'm going to try to watch again also because Penner and Lisa's proposals at tribal lost me. Maybe they were one in the same. I just think what has confused me is that I cannot recall who was in the yellow tribe and who was in the red tribe. Malcolm and Denise's tribe got a lot of camera time in the beginning, as opposed to the two other tribes.

I get it now about the missed opportunity to vote crazy Abi or Malcolm out, while getting rid of one of the idols in play, but that would have taken prior planning (as two of you have pointed out). Penner was the only smart one who voted Abi.

I'd like to see Denise, Penner, and Malcom go to the end. I love me some Blair, but something about the way she is playing is bugging me.