Maybe try wetting your hair slightly right before pineapple-ing? That's the only way I can get second day hair, is to wet my hands and run them over my ponytail once I have put it up in the pineapple...then I put a bit of gel on it, and in the morning my hair is still hair is all S's but the ends are corkscrew curls...and, if my hair doesn't co-operate, I just use a wide-toothed pick comb on it and then wear it wavy instead of curly for day 2.

It might work for you, can't hurt to try? Is your hair long? if so you can braid it and then wear a sleep cap made of satin, maybe?
Finer, mixed with coarser strands, low-porosity, wavy curly whirly hair...3A, 2C hair. Medium thickness, medium elasticity.
S-shaped hair with corkscrew ends. My hair is even more confused than me ;p
My hair officially hates protein Once a month is enough!
Currently a fan of TiGi products, (rock on, TiGi Curlesque styling creme!) but that will soon change - I am a self-avowed product junkie! Yay!
BIG fan of supersoaker method - thanks Rudeechick!