I have tried this product. And all I can say how amazing it is. I have two small children so I'm not able to sit under a steamer for 30 min. So using this on my hair works great. I have 4c natural hair. I'm African American and was skeptic on the product as well. The steam lossens up my tight curls. Making me able to separate and manage them. It's definitely worth the price. For the results that it gives for those who wear their curls all the time like myself. This is a product you need to have at your fingers. It only takes 20 seconds for it to heat up. You press it with a trigger. Meaning you control the steam on your hair. I love this product. I have the chance to speak with the owners. They are so humble and greatful about the love and results I got. I paid for the unit with my own hard earned cash. And happy I made this investment. I use it on second day or third day hair. After hair was in a pineapple. Or even to give my twist a refresh. Ladies please look into this. It's a wonderful product.

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