This weeks episode was crazy. I wonder if the new patient really is Anne Frank. Sister Jude may be sadistic, but she really seems to be trying to do the right thing. or just trying to get rid of the crazy Dr. man.

I wonder if the younger dr has a motive behind trying to "help" Lana or if he is not to be trusted.
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She's sadistic, but of course he's in a whole other league. She at least seems to have a moral compass, like the Mother Superior said. She's capable of feeling bad about what she did. He's pure evil.

How did the nun clean up all the blood so quickly? Or was that Satan magic?

I hadn't thought about the weirdness of Zachary Quinto's character trying to save Lana, but you're right. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I liked the meta moment of 2 gay actors sitting in his office talking about curing her of her lesbianism. He said something about knowing how she felt, and I wondered if he was gay, too.

The show in general is crazy but this episode was definitely over the top.
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