my mom is job hunting. but i feel so bad for her. she is almost 60 and should be thinking about retirement. she has a job that pays min wage, but promised they would go up by 2 bucks at the beginning of this year. the year is almost over and no raise. she has no skills. she jays she can try for a bookkeeping job but fails to realize she needs to be able to turn on a computer. she says she can open her own business, but has no capital. she says she can get a loan but has no credit nor a business plan to present. i feel so bad that she will probably be stuck at this dead end job until she dies.
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She may qualify for a gov't program if she receives assistance. She could also see if her local library offers basic computer literacy classes for seniors.
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You would think my mom would quallify for some type of assistance, but she doesnt. not yet anyway. i try to tell her about certain programs which she says she doesnt have time for. or cant get there. i want my mom to be happy at a job, but honestly she really has this BIG dreams that just will not come true. i dont want to keep telling her, " yeah ma, you can do it." when i know it wont happen.

a couple years ago she told me she was opening a clothing store. i asked her the simple question, "where will you get your cloths?" she flew off the handle, telling me i didnt believe. so now i just play along and hope for the best.

oh and by the way, my mom has bipolar and she sometimes goes off her meds.