I'm new to CG so I'm wondering, when you do a PT, do you wash it out and then go as normal? I tried doing just coconut oil I got from whole foods, and my hair was a mess, I had to wash it twice but then it was so so. Sorta weighed down.
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For my PTs, I dampen my hair with a spray bottle, apply the treatment and cover with one of those clear cheap shower caps, to use the heat from my head instead of a dryer. After half an hour to an hour I jump in the shower and wash my hair as usual. So IMO, you do rinse it out.

How much coconut oil did you use? Some ppl just don't react well to it, I've nerver tried it myself but in general I never use more than 10 - 15 drops of any oil or it wears my hair down.
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I do my PT the same way.

My low porosity hair doesn't really like straight oils/butters. I can't use something that's thick and heavy like coconut oil. A few drops of one of the lighter oils should be more then enough.
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