As far as comments? Although I get a lot of compliments, there have been a couple strange or rude ones. One time, this lady with stick-straight hair in a class I was taking stared at me, then said, "You must hate your hair."

"No," I said, "I love it. Jealousy is a b--ch, aint it?"

Looking back on it, I don't think she was jealous. Maybe she'd just heard too many curly heads ranting about how much they hated their hair (thanks to all the pressure to have straight hair), and thought she'd take a guess at how I felt about mine. ... Or she was just being a bitty

Another time, I was having dinner with my husband's family, and they all have straight hair with a slight wave. At the time my hair was all one length and very long. This was the one time I had it pulled into a bun so that it hid my strong curl pattern. They were all like, "Your hair looks good that way."

They'd never complimented my hair while it was out and in its curly glory, which probably has to do with their culture. I could be reading too much into this though. Maybe they just liked my hair out of my face. Hard to know.

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