Oh...and spider...there is a message board calls HysterSisters about hysterectomy...what to expect and all. U may wanna check it out.
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Thnx! Another wonderful boardie hipped to HS and I have joined. I just don't go too much bc I tend to search for the most horrifying or depressing threads and freak myself out.

I will def keep you guys posted.

Do you have any family or close, close friends nearby who can check on you?

Still deciding about my cervix. Leaning towards getting rid of it. I just don't want anymore bleeding from anywhere down there. Not in terms of this unidentified bleeding, periods or anything...or any type of vaginal discharge. And no chance of cancer.

So always dry down there except for during sex?

But having it removed makes recovery worse and there is a greater risk for damaging the bladder and having organ prolapse in the future. And a slightly shorter vagina that will need to be stretched back out.

And a possibility of sexual dysfunction w/ either one.


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