When you say you ro every day, do you actually cowash or just condition, comb through and RO?

I'm struggling with second-day hair so I may need to do every day too - but I don't want to get dryer.
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You have to remember that I'm older (61 this month), so don't have the hormonal and oil issues of a younger person.

I never cowash. If I want to clean my scalp, I use natural soap bars. If I want to remove minerals, I use CJ Daily Fix (every 3-6 weeks.) If I need to remove an ingredient (of late, polyquats), I need to use a lowpoo with a surfactant that's stronger than coco b.

I NEVER use a comb or Denman brush on my hair. I gently finger comb my conditioner through. Same with products (and then I scrunch.)

If you have the DVD from the newer CG book, that's the way I try to handle my hair--as gently as possible. I could never use all of the product they use.
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