I actually flat ironed my hair in October and that had been the first time in 8 months. I really needed to flat iron it to see the progress and also to trim the ends (which I can’t really do while it is curly)

It had been the longest time I had ever gone without using heat in my life! (Before that I use to flat iron almost every day!) I didn’t even use a blow dryer. For me it was easiest to do in the hot humid summer months when my hair didn’t stay straight during the heat waves anyway. Even when I went on vacation I didn’t take any heat styling tools for the first time ever, all I packed was a heat protectant for the sun, my shampoo and leave ins.

It made a HUGE difference in the amount of growth I retained; my hair was 5 inches longer after those 8 months and reached my waist so I am definitely ready to do another no heat challenge.

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