So, I started working at the store on Tuesday. Our area was very much impacted by the hurricane and by the snowstorm yesterday (awful!)

I trained for a few hours on Tuesday and worked a full day yesterday. I was supposed to work 9 hours today, but wasn't able to because they had a delayed opening and early closing due to the snow.

I have my schedule for next week and was given 40 hours. The hourly wage is pretty good (more than I've ever made in retail!) so I'm very glad about that and happy to have hours.

I'm still applying like mad.

I admit, I'm frustrated! I was making such a good salary with my last job and was so excited to finally move-out. I just have to accept it wasn't meant to be, for whatever reason. I stumbled upon an email I had written during my last job to a friend, talking about how I couldn't handle how miserable and nasty the lady who was my immediate supervisor was, and it made me happy that I know I don't have to deal with her anymore. I think working with that lady would have driven me crazy if I had to do it much longer. It's a blessing. l have to keep telling myself that! But the money WAS nice...

Also, a lot of apartments in Hoboken were completely flooded last week. I was supposed to move to Hoboken. Another blessing.

I miss New York! But I'm grateful to have 40 hours a week of a good wage.