I have used a lot of them. I currently take Imitrex and it seems to be okay. If it's a really bad migraine (like throwing up, your eyes move to your pulse, blurry vision...), Imitrex doesn't touch them. Otherwise, it's not so bad. But then again, I used Maxalt and really liked it.

Before my migraine headaches moved into full-blown nasty migraines, I used to take Midrin, too. And it worked better usually than the specific migraine pills. It was a lot more effective for me to take that because it had a little bit of a muscle relaxer in it. I hold all my emotions and stress in my neck, so it gets so knotted up to the point it gives me migraines. Midrin was just right, not enough to knock me flat on my butt, but enough to finally get the muscles to unknot. I was miffed when the pharmacist told me they were discontinuing it or whatever they did to it.

Speaking of Midrin, have you tried Fioricet? It's a mixture of Tylenol, Caffeine and butalbital (a barbiturate that causes sedation similar to the Midrin combo).

Sooo what my doctor did was give me a prescription for a muscle relaxer to take alongside the migraine pills. Works like a charm.

What I've taken:
Maxalt-Worked for me okay
Imitrex-Works for me okay
Treximet-Worked well when I could still take NSAID's, it combines Imitrex and Naproxen Sodium (Aleve)
Zomig-had this in a nasal spray...was the fastest my migraine had ever gone away. I might talk to my doctor and see if she can prescribe these for me.

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