i've only had a sample of pattern pusha. it wasn't harder hold than KCCC. SS FHG is NOT a firm hold gel in my opinion. i have an almost full container that i'd sell you for $8 if you want to try it. i haven't found anything harder hold than KCCC that i like much. i've been cyclig through some drugstore gels that are ok but not great... currently using paul mitchell extra body.
2b/c wavy modified CG since July 2012
medium texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity
hair likes protein, doesn't like oils, easily OC'd

low poo: JCHCC, CJGCS
RO/co-wash/LI: YTCarrots, DB Pumpkin Seed
stylers: a bunch of stylers that are all pretty much the same (KCCC, UFDCM, CRCM, CKCJ) or ArcAngel if I need more hold