Ok. I watched that mess again. Bear with me, as I try to make some sense of it.

Tandang Tribe

Kalabaw Tribe

Tandang's plan was to vote out Malcom, until Lisa told her tribe Malcolm had a hidden immunity idol (I think Lisa referred to Malcom as plan B...Penner was Plan A), but in the end Tandang went with Jeff (what Lisa referred to as "plan D or E" ), only because Malcom threatened to use the idol, which was brilliant.

Does anyone know why Penner voted Abi? That had to have been intentional, since she had an idol she could play. Had Penner voted Pete, they would have been deadlocked, right? I think perhaps Penner wanted Jeff gone too...perhaps more than Pete. I mean, last week Jeff tried to get rid of Penner.

I think what Penner was proposing was to vote out one of the Tandang (either Abi or Pete), and was counting on Skupin or maybe Lisa to flip. Skupin was already an outsider on Tandang. Jeff was hoping Lisa might flip too, based on their conversation earlier, on the beach. She said she'd have no problem going with Kalabaw and voting Penner, followed by Skupin, then gunning for the three other meanies in her tribe (Abi, Pete, and Artis).
This episode Lisa was definitely was playing both sides. I wonder if it will backfire on her next week.