Hello, I'm new to this forums, actually this is my first post
I have long thick hair (half back length). And I'm confused in one thing. About my hair type. So, I brush it before going into shower, and then brushing it with the conditioner in the hair, rinse out, and then brush it one more time. Now, if I leave it like that my hair is gonna be wavy abit. But the problem is that those waves are not very much defined, some of them are really nice, some of them not so much. It's all cool, but the second day if I brush it, it just gets poofy and u can't really see any waves except at the ends, its mostly straight. What should I do?

And the next thing is, after conditioning and brushing, if I scrunch my hair to get the excess water out, and thus forming the "waves/curls", you could say, my hair gets curly. I mean, not curly, but it has those fineee spiraly waves that are beautiful, and they are all over my hair, not just at the ends.
The problem is that when it dries it doesnt look anything like wet! I mean sure it still has those curls, but they are tangled, and it looks like I haven't washed my hair in 2 months.
So my question to you is, what is my hair type? And should I be scrunching my hair or just letting it be like that.
I use some plain shampoo, non silicone conditioner, and after that gliss kur leave in conditioner. I also have Avon dry ends. Thanks, and sorry for such a long post