sus811 - I too found that it happened with some of the products that I was using to style my hair... It's weird, like with some I would break out terribly and be in so much pain from the bumps and then the second I stopped using them it took like 2 days to clear up. I just feel like no product is safe for my scalp, like I never know what to use because I never know what ingredient it is that makes me go nuts. Sometimes it happens with sulfate-free shampoos, that's why I'm like

KookyCurl - Bumps that pop!!! Yes! That's what I get too. It hurts SO badly. Is it Avalon Organics that you're talking about? I bought their scalp normalizing shampoo & conditioner and that has helped some. It just gets so frustrating when you want to switch up your shampoos. I found that Renpure originals argan oil shampoo & conditioner keeps my scalp in shape as well... I have to be more strict and really read the backs of the shampoos and make sure that they're alright. Sometimes I'm just greeted with a surprise of the bumps on my scalp at random.

I think that I'm going to go to the dermatologist... I talked to my mom and she said that she would come with me. I'm a scaredy cat twenty year old-plus I don't have the best track record with dermatologists... I don't exactly LIKE the one I went to before because of all the medication she put me on for acne. I also am afraid of what she'll actually give me for the bumps & what they will do to my hair... My hair hasn't looked this good in the longest time and I DON'T want to ruin it!