I am so happy I tried this method!
My hair is so soft, curls are so smooth and defined, no flakes, no dry scalp and best of all: NO TANGLES!
My hair used to tangle constantly and it was hell!
WO has worked really good for me - it's still early but I can tell it works for me.
I recommend this to those with REALLY dry hair like I had.

I used to CO wash only and my hair was dry and tangly and it was the same with shampoo, it just didn't work for me, it made my hair worse and worse.
I have (had?) low porosity, protein sensitive hair and I tried everything. No protein, more protein, a balance - Nothing worked!
I tried steaming my hair, I tried ACV, I tried everything! I am so happy that WO worked.
I am going to carry on with WO until I feel I need a clarifying shampoo followed by a moisture conditioner and then continue WO.
I am going to continue for as long as it works.

I have used NO oil or anything but I am thinking about using jojoba for my lengths but it's not really necessary at the moment because my hair is so soft.
My hair surprisingly doesn't smell (I was worried about that) and it's not sticky anymore or oily ( I guess because I had dry hair ).
Again, still early but I will continue for as long as it works!