Wondering about Mixed Chicks? I see they have two different shampoos:

Mixed Chicks Shampoo
Mixed Chicks Sulfate Free Shampoo

TIA for the product list! That would confirm that my last few days of heavy researching for some product that would also be friendly on my wallet. I have been eyeing the Shea Moisture line the last few days.
2B/2C , medium, ii/iii
low porosity | medium/high density | low elasticity | shoulder length | dry climate | hard water | low dew points

Wash: DC Low-Poo
Conditioner: GVPCB RO
Leave In: n/a (searching)
Style: Biotera Curl Creme, air-dry and/or diffuser

CG since October 2012
Current issue: Frizzy hair! Lazy curls (this has gotten better, but getting there)! Hair does not like glycerin.