Some pictures would really help, but you're definitely a 2-something. Brushing your hair when it's dry is a no-no for curl definition – that's why it's poofing! I'd suggest you ditch the brush and only detangle your hair the days you shower. Smooth/scrunch some leave-in into your hair to refresh it, but don't brush it through.

Also, more important than your curl type are your hair's properties (texture, porosity, etc). Check out Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics – it'll help you determine what your hair will thrive on. Hope that helps!
Originally Posted by poemaXX
Hey, I'll post some pictures tommorow after shower,see how it looks when its wet and dry. I realized brushing will make it poofy.
Basically I should detangle it with my hands, ok, that's what I thought, thanks!
Also, should I scrunch it while it's wet? Really looks good afterwards, but it dries not so good. Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated!

EDIT: If I understood correctly, my hair has normal porosity, doesnt move too fast through fingers. It definitely isn't overly porous.

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