Bumping bc this was the longest recent MHC thread I could find...

Has anyone used her Sophia's Herbal Mixture? Was it effect for you? How did it leave your scalp and hair feeling?
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I have used it - it did more for my scalp then my hair, but I have a notoriously dry and flaky scalp and this calmed it whever it started acting up. I have since started making my own infusions with some of the herbs contained therein, which is the only reason I have not repurchased. FWIW, I also really liked her sprayer on the bottles I had. It misted strongly but not in a stream. That made me happy.
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I have a very flaky scalp as well and need to be consistent about what I am using. Many thanks for the review Lady! I am reacquainting myself with MHC this Black Friday.

The bolded made me cheese.
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