um, ok, I will look for algirl's know me, always willing to try something new! (my Inner Geek is very scientific and looooves to experiment, lol!)

So far so good with the treatment I did today - my hair was obviously jonesing for protein. Funny how some protein types work better than other proteins, I mean yogourt worked much better than the coconut milk I once tried - though my hair loves coco oil, it didn't love the milk ;p

Now I am very excited about trying gelatin! lol! Thanks! =D

ETA - oops! lol! I guess you edited before I responded. Or there's a ghost in the system ;p anyways, I will use your recipe! Lol! Tx!
Originally Posted by Knotty_Maddy
IAGirl's original recipe is now off site on Pedaheh's blog, and the thread about it is here:
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