It's been my experience that people who dislike kissing are unable to/have trouble with sharing themselves, or *unwilling* to share of themselves...kissing is, I believe, more intimate than sex. It's almost like an invasion of space, if you are not in the mood for it...However...I am not a psychologist, those are just my personal impressions.
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i agree with this. my relationship recently ended. i got to a breaking point when i realized my ex-bf was hesitant to kiss. once i recently when i initiated and was clearly kissing him he stopped me to say he was cold. i think he could tell i was so turned off by that. he snuggled up to me but i was over it. who stops a kiss to say you're cold when you're sitting on the sofa in the middle of your living room? a few days later i went over, we got in the bed to go to sleep and i had to ask him for a kiss. red flag. anyway i pulled back realizing that we never had great chemisty and it's not getting better. he got frustrated and said a lot of stuff he never shared throughout the relationship, much of which was in contradiction to the things he had been saying all along and when i asked him his feelings. long story short, his not kissing was the manifestation of him being closed off to me. he doesn't have any friends and he's not really close to his family (all things i noticed but sore of ignored). he's definitely closed emotionally detached and in his own world. i guess i hoped me being loving and caring would be enough. not so. sorry...that was way long but yeah, i would pay attention if a person wasn't into kissing ever in a serious relationship.
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