I posted a pic of this tool in another thread about creating tighter curls. This tool is, like, the cat's meow! lol! ;p It has several different lengths of prongs, and slides through the hair like butter.

I use this comb for lifting my roots while I give them a short shot of heat, and therefore create volume at the crown. (I can't use the clip system, it breaks my hair when I try to remove the clips.) You can use it as a round brush in a way, because you can stick it in your roots and pull them out slightly, then aim a shot of heat at roots. Sometimes, I just use it to gently lift my roots, so I can get a bit of heat in with my blowdryer. It won't stick in your hair or disrupt your curls. (I have long hair, nearly waist-length.) Or, I stick the ends directly against my scalp, twist gently to encourage clump/curl, and then give it a shot of heat.

You can use this tool for creating spiral curls too, or creating a curl in a piece that is stubborn and won't curl properly - you wind it in your hair from the bottom up, like winding spaghetti ;p lol! It does work. It never sticks in the hair, either. It does not cause tangles (well, at least not in my hair!) it just slips back out effortlessly.

I bought mine at Sally's for about $5 and they are beside the hairbrushes. It requires nothing but a twist of the wrist and a small shot of heat from the blowdryer. Great for flat bits and stubborn bits. thought I would share...
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