I have the same problem - my hair is mostly 2c but the top layer that's clearly visible to the entire world is 3a and highly prone to frizz. Are you using a leave in? I tried KCCC without a leave in and got the sticky producty result, but if I use a leave in (I usually go for CJ Curl Fix to keep the moisture-protein balance of my hair right) and only use about a nickel size blob of the KCCC per section (4 sections total), my hair comes out soft and defined. However in general it gives me zero hold so I also mix about a pea size dot of LALSG into the KCCC. The less I touch my hair the less frizz I tend to get so mixing the two in my hand before I apply has worked much better for me.

Like Kathymack, my hair prefers the gelly-type products. SM Curling Souffle and Curly Kinks give me much better hold than KCCC so I don't have to use an extra gel if I don't want to and my frizz still stays under control. I've pretty much come to accept that there's no eliminating the frizz in my hair, but as long as it's not a puff ball I'm ok with a few pieces out of place
Southern WI curly ~ mostly 2b/c with 2a/b underlayer and a few 3a curls on top
Low porosity, fine hair but LOTS of it!
Loves protein. Dislikes butters and heavy oils.
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