So you know my background: I went 'no-poo' a year and a half ago. Now, I use DC no-poo maybe once a week (and I'm talking a very tiny amount - just to get a couple of spots that feel oily.) In between I am WO. It works great for me too. (I condition my length regularly.)

When I begin to notice build-up on my scalp, I will do a BS/ACV wash. It helps a lot and doesn't set you back with WO. You might consider that instead of a shampoo/conditioner thing, plus it's cheaper.
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Ah, thanks for the advice! When I did CO wash only I used to rinse with ACV and it dried my hair out but when I notice build up I will definitely just do the BS/ACV on my scalp only!
You're right, it's cheaper and you don't have to start over!!

What I do is, I go in the shower, massage my scalp for a few minutes and I wash with warm water only and then rinse with cold water.
I then use my BBB to comb my hair so the sebum spreads. I think sebum is our natural oils (?) so it's a natural moisture? And the idea is to let the scalp do it's own work and clean itself!
I'm new to this so I don't know all the info, I'm just going by what works atm! lol
All I know is my hair is tangle free and super soft! I used to spend hours detangling my crazy hair! And my hair was so dry like straw! If you'd look at it too long it would break.
I have type 3A/3B curls and if you want really defined curls I would use a wide tooth comb instead of a BBB.
But for me right now, it's all about getting back quality hair that will grow and look and be healthy! I don't even care about the curls (even though they do look more defined but when I comb it it gets more wavy but I don't mind right now).
Sorry for rambling, I'm just so excited I found something that works