10/13: I couldn't take it anymore and took off Lava. I now have CG Liquid Leather and Lubu Heels. Pics after work.
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10/14: So I tried Nailtiques 2 (not plus) as a base. Fail. It's started chipping already but they were grown out enough to clip fortunately. Next I'll try the same combo with Beauty Secrets Moisturizing base and see if I get the same chipping.
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11/10: I went about 2 weeks bare after taking this off. I just put on the combo I wanted to test above. 1 coat BS moisturizing base, 2 coats CG Liquid leather, 2 coats CG Lubu Heels, 2 coats OtD.
I will report back when it starts chipping. See my optimism?

And Nailtiques 2 (not plus) is about to be tossed unless someone wants it for free. I'll send it so someone else can try it.
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