Growing upwards means that the hair naturally grows out or up instead of growing down. This is especially common with tight curl patterns 3c and up, and sometimes with 3b. Until the hair has enough weight it reaches up and out, instead of hanging down. Perfect example would be an Afro on 4b hair. The shape would be round and not naturally fall down unless it was extremely long. This isn't good or bad; it all depends on your style preferences.

And a lot of people have sections that grow faster than others. Sometimes it is because of growth patterns. Other times it's because the curl is looser in certain sections so those appear to grow faster than the tighter ones.
3b/c, medium-coarse, low porosity, high density
HG: Jessicurl Too Shea and Kinky Curly Curling Custard
Shampoo: nonsulfate shampoo and Suave Naturals sulfate shampoo when needed