I think it would be best if you took in a picture of the curly-bangs you want and go to a curly specialist. Be adamant that you want your hair just like the picture.

I've seen some good looking ones that weren't straightened. Let me see if I can find pics

Also look through the picture threads (also in 3b) I'm sure there's some great examples on this site.

I think it's more the stylists problem that they don't know how to give you bangs, so if they try to convince you not to get them then I'd go to someone else.

I had a stylist who tried to convince me that I didn't look good with cool-toned hair just because she wasn't good at colortheory and didn't know how to cancel the red she had put in my hair (or she was just lazy). My natural hair is very dark and cool-toned and it looks so much better on me than red-tones.

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