my work is trife.
Now its mandatory that everyone work at least one holiday. Which i think is bollocks because half of us are college students from out of state (I'm not but I live 6 hours away which surprises people that I'm still in the same state lol), the holidays are our only opportunity to see our families. the other half live here are locals, or live with their parents. I'm sorry but shouldn't they be the ones working on the holidays. IF I lived with my family or lived in the same town, I wouldn't care to work on the holidays, because once my shift is over I can go home TO MY FAMILY. BUT I DON'T so I think it's not fair that I'm going to probably have to work on Christmas and then go home and sit in my apt by myself, with no one because everyone I know is from out of state also and will be gone. I mean I don't even have a cat to stay with. This is bullsh*t and I'm pissed.

I swear every person that came in my job today was stupid. af. WHY ARE HUMANS SO STUPID. GAH. USE YOUR BRAIN.

I saw that walmart opens at 8 on christmas. I thought that was stupid and unfair. Like really. So once you finish christmas dinner you're gonna go shop. Chill your shhh.