For me that's not a compliment, I take it as "your curly hair is ugly". Maybe I'm being too sensitive lol. Am I the only one?

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Originally Posted by pamm3la
Heck no- I hear that a lot. Particularly "why don't you straighten your hair more often?" and this one (for some odd reason) hurts the most... "why don't you brush your hair?"

No, you are not being sensitive. People (typically people with naturally straight hair) don't understand how difficult it is for curlies to straighten (and even brush) our hair. Believe me, if they knew what we had to go through just to get our hair looking like theirs, they would shut up about it.

Judging from your profile picture, you have gorgeous hair! Do you know how many people (including me) would pay for your hair? It's beautiful! If you embrace your curls and who you are, others eventually will, too. And if they don't, then you can always come on here and rant about (It's what I do. )

live, laugh, love and be joyfully curly,

~A proud 2c who is so thankful to have stumbled across this site over a year ago!