I feel your pain, I really do.

When I started CG in May 2012, I was desperate to get my 2C hair to 3B, sadly it never happened & is probably not meant to.

Going CG helps make your hair so much healthier, but changing structural properties more than one level looser or curlier is almost impossible without heat & chemicals. As a 2C, I can comb my hair into 2B beach waves or add a curl enhancer & diffuse to 3A, but that's about it.

It has been said a lot, but hair properties (texture, porosity, density) are more important than curl type & making your hair healthier will unleash its full curl potential, whatever that may be.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to get a perm (or straighten) your hair, just go into it with eyes open about the damage your hair will sustain. If you are okay with that, go ahead.

For me, though, learning to accept my natural texture as it grows out of my head has been quite empowering.

Wavy hair often seems like the forgotten middle child between straight & curly, but it is an awesome category all of it's own.

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2C/3A--med-coarse, slightly porous (highlighted), very dry & protein sensitive

No-Poo: Naturally Amari Berry No-Poo (w/o Aloe & Horsetail)

Condition: Suave Daily Clarifying & Sun-Ripened Strawberry

Stylers: 4Naturals Spring Back, L'oreal Everstyle Curl Defining Gel

Avoiding: sulfates, ‘cones, parabens, polyquats/cationics (except stearamidopropyl dimethylamine), most proteins/extracts.