Aw, Kelly and Cuban - you both have pretty hair!

I have had short bob cuts in the past, they rock - because you can either have them sleek and straight, or you can have a head full of curls. Short is great, because it can do so many things. Short curly bob cuts are cute! I loved mine when I had it!

End of the day, all that is important is that you like your cut and hair and feel comfortable in it. Maybe try looking at many different cuts on line before you decide? Research is always good!
Finer, mixed with coarser strands, low-porosity, wavy curly whirly hair...3A, 2C hair. Medium thickness, medium elasticity.
S-shaped hair with corkscrew ends. My hair is even more confused than me ;p
My hair officially hates protein Once a month is enough!
Currently a fan of TiGi products, (rock on, TiGi Curlesque styling creme!) but that will soon change - I am a self-avowed product junkie! Yay!
BIG fan of supersoaker method - thanks Rudeechick!