I feel like you have just saved me from drowning.
I put pictures of my hair type.
So basically on an every week basis I wash my hair and then hair dry with rollers.
Then after the rollers I blow dry by hair.
I do a normal wash with Pantene nature fusion. Then I condition my hair with suave mostirizing almond+shea butter conditioner.

Now when I wash my hair and leave it to air dry I do the same thing but after I put A) Beautiful textures curl control defining pudding.
This didn't do anything to my hair
Then I tried B) mixed chicks leave in conditioner.
Also didnt work
Then c) Nothing (as a controlled variable to see if anything would happen)
My hair gets horrible either way.
This is my hair when I wash it:

Help a new curly teen out?-crop1.jpg

Help a new curly teen out?-crop2.jpg

This is my hair after: No this is not blurry this is what my hair actually looks like. A broom,Help a new curly teen out?-bad.jpg