Yeah, I've been there, and I would love to do it, but! they say they would send an email with instructions on how to take and send via mail the sample. Happens that I live in the caribbean (Dominican Republic), and I would like to know what is that they make you do, to make sure I would be able to do it properly from here since you can't trust the post office. It doesn't work as it should (imagine my 4yo niece sent 3 stones from her new home backyard in NJ to my mom -her grandma- in a letter, they felt there was something in there maybe thinking it would be valuable or jewelry IDK!, she received it opened and the stones missing :-/) I need to send it via courrier like Fedex or UPS. Shopping online require certain logistic for me. I pay for an adress in Florida and then they flight it to me, but Im not sure how to SEND something.

When they send you the instructions, would you tell me how is it? to see if it is worth it for me.

Also, I want to know if they ask you for different strands since I have coarser hair on top.

Sorry Cuban!!! I know this is your thread and I still think you might want to go slowly with the cut

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