Have you cut off the relaxed portion of your hair? Keep in mind that hair is dead and once it undergoes chemical and/or heat damage, it can't be "fixed", only temporarily mended using protein treatments.

Do you know your hair's properties (texture, porosity, etc)? This will help you figure out what your hair needs to be its healthiest: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics Keep in mind that if you still have some of your relaxed hair, it's porosity may be different from your natural un-relaxed growth.

Keep us posted and ask as many questions as you like!
|| 3b; normal porosity; fine/normal texture || CG since Feb 2010 || SD/dandruff prone

Current Routine BAQ henna 1/month Leave-in OH Hair Dew Cheapie Conditioner Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing
Old Stand-bys extra-virgin coconut oil Protein AO GPB; Moisture AO HR Style AOMMJ Kept for troubleshooting.
Waiting to try extra-wide curlformers SD treatment H&S Clinical Strength