My girlfriend has naturally curly hair when she gets out of the shower. She wanted to get a perm that would be just like her naturally curly hair all of the time.

She just got the perm today and she says the curls are way too tight. I know it falls down a bit after a few days, but she says it is much tighter than it was right after the last time she got a perm.

What can she do to loosen the curls?

What shampoo and conditioner should she buy?

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First off, I have had perms in the past (sadly) because I thought my curls weren't nice enough ;p so I know whereof I speak! lol!

What she can do to relax the curl....she can not put styling product in...she can not use the blowdryer or heat to dry; she can wash it as little as possible; she can use a pick comb to loosen curl when it is wet; she can use super moisturizing treatments, because perms kill hair, and she needs to care for her poor burned hair...lastly - it will *totally fry* her hair, but she can use a home perm kit, put the perm solution in, and keep combing her hair straight for 20 mins...then put in the neutralizer, and comb it through for 20 mins. Her hair will be as straight as a ruler. For months afterwards. Maybe even for years. Take that as the warning it is meant to be! It will defs reverse the perm though. But it may well completely destroy her hair. Be warned!

You need to urge her to embrace her curls. They will relax, and she will get used to them. She wanted curly hair, she has it! what could be better, imo?

ps she should be using hair products for damaged hair, because perms really, really destroy hair. She will need trims every month too.
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Eek! I don't know much about chemical perms, but please do not do a straight perm to fix the curly perm. The chemical damage will be brutal and I just don't think it'll be worth it if your girl still wants to have hair on her head.

I don't know what she can do to relax the curl, but I suggest she baby the hair with moisture and protein treatments. Check out this website for some tips: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics

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