Maybe I'll feel different when I've had some experience. But after reading this thread I kinda thought about it and realised that i find all types of kissing off putting. I never really hug my parents and kiss them even less. And I hate it when my grandparents go to kiss me on the cheek whenever we say goodbye. I will shy away from them and try to avoid it or I simply stand as still as possible and think about something else. Same thing when my dad kisses me in the cheek but he very rarely does that and my mother never kisses me at all and I don't really remember her ever doing it either.

I think it's the whole sharing saliva thing. It just makes me feel ill. I can't even share a spoon with a friend when eating ice cream out the tub. Or drink from the same waterbottle as someone else.

I think I'm just weird lol.
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Wow I thought it was just me. I really don't hug or kiss my parents. My dad never. My mom has to beg me to kiss her. I think showing affection embarrasses me or makes me feel vulnerable. I also cannot drink from the same container or eat with the same utensils as somebody else, not even my parents.