Walmart & Target have taken Black Friday too far. It should be against labor laws to go to work in retail on the holidays.

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I refuse to participate in Black Friday shopping because it's gotten out of hand. Also, I don't feel that I should inconvenience someone's holiday by *having* to line up or shop on Thursday night. I also don't go to Christmas Day movies for the same reason. We can't seem to function for a couple of days without stores and movies. It's ridiculous.
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Tell that to my job!
We're open 365.

But I worked on Christmas eve and I realized lots of people don't celebrate Christmas. Because a lot of people came in my job on Christmas eve, most were of the south Asian ethnic group persuasion. And apparently even more came in on christmas day, because I remember someone making inflammatory remarks about it.

So I guess we shouldn't stop stores because not everyone cares about Christmas. BUT I'm mad my boss is making it mandatory for everyone to work a holiday, like she doesn't know half of us DO NOT LIVE HERE PERMANENTLY, WE'RE HERE FOR SCHOOL.

I'm so mad.
I'm still mad.
Do you know how many family events I've missed for this job and for school?? TOO MANY. AND I DON'T LIKE SCHOOL NOR MY JOB (right now). If it was a job I liked, I wouldn't care. But when you're at work dreaming about jumping off a 90ft tower into a bed of needles, because that is how much you hate being there. I'd rather not spend my Christmas there.

and now this weird guy thinks he's like my friend or something and won't stop talking to me. Like you come and talk to me for an hour, about idk because I was not listening I deliberately turned the other way so that he was talking to the side of my body BECAUSE I'M NOT GETTING IN TROUBLE BECAUSE YOU ARE TALKING AT ME! I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU GO AWAY.
Then on my lunch break I sit by myself, beside another girl who I'm friends with. Like at a separate table because I didn't feel like having to talk to her because I just spent half the day talking to idiots. I had to wait to see where that guy was going to sit on his lunch break because for some cursed reason we got breaks at the same time. HE sat with some lady she got up and left and NEXT THING I KNOW HE'S SITTING WITH ME. He's like "I'm going to sit here". EXCUSE ME?!? EXCUSE ME???? DID I WANT YOU TO SIT HERE?? Did you ASK??
TF? And he just sits there talking at me. ABOUT SHH I DON'T LIKE. I'M TRYING TO EAT, AND READ FROM MY KINDLE AND YOU'RE TALKING AT ME. Then he started asking me about myself,
"what do you study at school"
" blah blah blah blah hows life"
" *blink* "

Then I just got up half way through my food threw it away and walked away, I had to step away from the situation because I was about to flip the table.

anyway end rant of life before I throw my laptop in anger.