Winter is here and I've just learned to deal with wet hair. My hair usually doesn't dry until 2pm, if it's up in a bun then it stays wet all day. I've learned to just deal with it. At least it's not voluminous or frizzy that way. Pineappling always gave me way too much shrinkage and an odd curl pattern, neither of which I liked. Diffusing takes me 30 minutes and it also gives me way too much volume and shrinkage. Second day hair is impossible for me. I have long 3b low porosity highlighted hair. I don't like layers because they increase my shrinkage and volume, which I don't like. So I keep my hair long and layer free. Anyway, since I've just learned to deal with having wet hair, my new complaint is that winter is now here. I currently reside in the city and have to walk to train stations to get to work which can be freezing when the wind strikes. If I wear a hat it messes up my hairstyle(buns, half ups, etc... for work). So I've been walking without a hat but I don't think I can tolerate it much more. I had a really painful headache for the entire day recently after the wind hitting my wet hair during my work commute. My ears were throbbing too. Has anyone figured out how to combat this issue?