elizard - you and i seem to have very similar hair properties, though my hair definitely doesn't look like your cat. so i am interested to hear that your hair likes protein - i did the hair analysis and they told me to stay away from protein. i have always tried it with a DT with less than fabulous results, so maybe i should try alone. it's so hard to tell somehow whether my frizz is due to dryness or overconditioning . . . how do you even tell? thanks!
2a canopy, 1c underneath, Medium Thick
Medium Texture, Normal Porosity, Normal Elasticity
Low Poo: MOP C-System Hydrating Shampoo, Alba Clarifying
RO/LI: Deva One C/Renpure Argan
Winter Stylers: Organix Curl Defining Cream, KMS Curl Up Control Creme, AIF, Pantene Curly Hair Mousse, Biolage Gelee, Deva Mirror Curls
Summer: Switch from creams to jellies, KCCC, CIAB.
CG since July 2011