It was actually within the CurlTalk board and the characteristics was outlined in there than external links. Yea, you are right, it is still a lot to search through. Trying to remember what search words they were that led me to that post.
Not sure the link you are referring to but this has helped me out:
Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics
You could always use the search bar but the protein/moisture discussions come up frequently and there would be a ton to sift through. Good luck! Let us know if you find it!
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Oh those are pretty good! I will add them! Thanks for adding those!
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2B/2C , medium, ii/iii
low porosity | medium/high density | low elasticity | shoulder length | dry climate | hard water | low dew points

Wash: DC Low-Poo
Conditioner: GVPCB RO
Leave In: n/a (searching)
Style: Biotera Curl Creme, air-dry and/or diffuser

CG since October 2012
Current issue: Frizzy hair! Lazy curls (this has gotten better, but getting there)! Hair does not like glycerin.