I just finished my 22nd month

November will be my 23rd month. I think I decided on my BC date: April 22, 2013. That's my birthday and it's also my 28th transition month. It's not a multiple of 5, but it does have the number 8 in it and 8 is my favorite number. I have box braids in my hair now, but, lately, whenever I take my hair down, I REALLY feel like chopping it all off. I even fully cut off a few portions of my hair just so I can see its texture.

I see a few 3c's, but its mainly as I predicted: a mixture of 4A and 4B. It's still really short though. When stretched out, the front hair only reaches to eye length : /
TRANSITIONED: Since Dec 23, 2010 (I think...)
BC DATE: July 23, 2013 (about 31 months)

7/23/13 :: SL
1/9/14 :: CBL
5/13/14 :: APL

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