Can I ask what coloring you use? I'm covering grays myself, but I don't want to lose my copper red. A lot of colorings I've tried leave my grays blonde or pinkish, before they wash out completely. 10 Volume peroxide helps the color stay a lot longer, but it's hard to keep it out of my non-gray hair, but it darkens my hair for a couple of week, no matter what color I use.

I wish I could help you more with product recommendations. Even though I have Type 3 hair, the products that work best for me from CurlMart are often recommendations for Type 4 curls.

One thing I've noticed from reading posts here is that a lot of wavies find some Jessicurl products are perfect for their hair. Almost all of these products contain flax seed, which, I think boosts curls. I've used a lot of Jessicurl products (the "Rich & Radiant choices), and they are very light, and they don't seem to be greasy.

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