im really confused, i've been reading about sooo many treatments and methods that i dunno which to use, and how to do it, there's soo much info that its overwhelming!

i have frizz and we have very high dew point all year! so i dunno what to do about it, i want to use natural things, 'cause here in mexico dont sell anything without sillicones and dont have money to afford many things, which sucks big time!

any suggestions? im going to do an ACV rinse see how it works for my hair!
Very high dews (70F or more) and lots of humidity (above 80%)
3a/3b mostly, normal porosity, medium texture (I think)

Sometimes I use: TRESemme flawless curls shampoo
Co-wash: Suave Green Apple
Conditioner: Garnier Fructis Oil Repair
Styling: Flaxseed gel, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

Still experimenting...