If you have coarse hair, you're not going to want much in terms of protein. Are you looking for a poo, conditioner, gel?
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Yeah, I have been thinking about that one lately and do not think I have coarse hair. Could be normal though. It does take me a while to air dry too. Let's see, conditioner or gel. I think mostly since I am looking at possibly getting Curl Junkie Daily Fix (read through the forums that this can help with hard water). Mostly to try and replace my current 'poo. I try not use it as often.

Keep in mind this is also all new to me. I would say for about a month now so I am open to suggestions.

I JUST looked up dew points and on average it is no more than 35. Summer, it goes up. I mean it literally JUST got cold today to the point where I had to pull out my light jacket. So majority of the year it will be warm/hot and dry for most part of it. Monsoon season will be what jacks up the dew point around here but we're already past that.
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